Financial incentives for solar can be very high –– up to $25,000 on a residential system. The Federal 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit was extended through 2019, and various state and utility rebate programs can offset your costs even further. Coupled with dramatic reductions in system costs over the last few years, there has never been a better time to go solar!


While we do not offer financing directly, there are a number of options for financing your new PV system. We can guide you to a flexible range of tools to meet your goals- whether it's lowest out-of-pocket cost, best cash flow, or fastest payback.


A typical block in Portland has only two homes that are ready for solar. Neighboring homes, trees, chimneys and other obstructions can make it harder to maximize solar production or even qualify for incentives. We can use all the latest tools in solar technology, such as DC optimizers, multiple power point tracking inverters, and high-effiency modules, to get the most of out of your roof.  


The best system design in the world is worthless if you can't get a permit to install it. Often, solar technology is a bit ahead of jurisdictional rules, but we have a track record of being at the forefront of policy development. We helped pioneer S-5! permitting in Portland in 2007, wrote the fire-safety provisions in the 2008 Oregon Speciality Solar Code, and now are pushing for uniform engineering standards for ballasted solar arrays. We have deep relationships with local officials and the engineering rigor to help install your system faster.