Doing it Right

When it comes to doing it right, we look at all the angles. First, it's about the right solution. We want to make sure we solve your comfort and efficiency needs, not just throw equipment at the problem. Then, it's about designing it right, not just "belt-and-suspenders" sizing. Finally, it's an installation team that respects your home like their own, and attention to detail that will not only look sharp, but also stand the test of time.

More Choices

Part of making a good choice is knowing all of your options. Since we don't just install furnaces or basic heat pumps like most companies, we can help you explore a myriad of possibilities. Our experienced sales team will explain these systems in terms you can understand, from basic installations to the most advanced climate control systems on the market.


We're experts in the ever changing incentives rules from the Federal Government, the Energy Trust of Oregon, and the Oregon Department of Energy. We'll help you easily qualify for the most cash back to maximize your investment. We can also link you to financing options, including same-as-cash, unsecured, and secured options from local lenders.

Long-Term Care

An investment in a new system is great –– we design them to be efficient and comfortable for decades to come. To maintain peak performance and to avoid premature part failure, we offer annual service plans as well.