Imagine Energy was founded in 2003 "to change the way people think about and use energy." Our goal is to bring bleeding-edge technologies to the forefront, and apply engineering rigor to every size project. 


Part of ensuring you get a great design, a great product, and a great experience, is hiring great people. Everyone on our team is focused on theses three principles, and their passion, focus, and attention to detail carries through in everything we do.  


"Pretty sure I'm witnessing a post-contractor work miracle. My phone says it is 97° outside. My thermostat on the main floor my house says it's 78° inside. This is the first time in the 104 years of my house's life that it has ever been that cool on the inside while it is that hot outside. I LOVE IT!"

- Teresa 

"I liked the constant communication that Zack and David provided keeping me informed and checking in with me as to what's going on and explaining the whole project technology and how it all connected to the house."

- Jonathan

"Jonathan is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what he does and offered his expertise to improve my project (even on items that he didn't do the actual work). The crew as very professional and did the work as promised."

- Rob

"Amazing how nice and warm my little home is now. One of the best investment I have made in years. Thank you and your great guys for doing such a great job!"

- Lori

"Recognize Excellence - Everyone who has helped me. The receptionist, to Jonathan (answering my millions of questions) to Patrick etc., to the fellows who did a great job installing the panels (My roofer returned to check on their job because he had just put on the new roof and said, "If it leaks in the future, you're not going to call the solar people, you're going to call me and I want to make sure they did the job correctly!" His critique: "The solar installers did a great job" ...the best he had seen so far.

... I've always wanted to 'go solar' and Imagine Energy made it happen seamlessly! Besides making use of energy from the sun, my latest electric bill was $11! A win-win!"

- Kathleen

"Just wanted to say thanks for the work you have done so far. What a difference! Matt is a master of his craft and the amount of work he accomplished in the time he was here was jaw dropping. And humbling given how much time I spend building much simpler things. Thanks again! I have already referred my friend your way to have his furnace replaced."

- Brad