Learn More About Mini Split Heat Pumps

Learn More About the Mitsubishi Mini Split Heat Pump

Mini split heat pump systems represent the cutting edge of residential eco-friendly HVAC technology. Like their larger split heat pump counter parts, mini splits (sometimes called “ductless heat pumps”) have an outdoor and an indoor component. The outdoor part contains a condenser/compressor, while the indoor section handles heated or cooled air. The same technology that cools your refrigerator also works in a heat pump; the major difference is that a heat pump can also run “backwards” to provide heat for your home in the winter, as well as cooling for your home in the summer.

Advantages of a Mini Split Heat Pump
Small & Flexible. Mini split heat pumps are compact enough to install nearly anywhere. They can be hung from a ceiling or wall, or mounted on the floor. Plus, one heat pump system can be split into different “zones” or rooms in your home. This makes mini split heat pumps perfect for attic conversions, as the extreme heat and cold in the attic space can be addressed independently.

Safer than Traditional Air Conditioners. A heat pump requires a hole of about three inches in diameter, to connect the interior and exterior parts. Compare this small opening to the huge hole required for window-mounted and through-the-wall air conditioners. 

Energy Efficiency. Ductless systems’ greatest advantage is that they require no ductwork for heat/cooling distribution. Energy is lost in such systems, as heated or cooled air escapes through cracks in the duct network. This can account for up to 30% of a home’s overall energy expenditure, particularly if the ducts are situated in non-insulated areas, such as attics.

Introducing Mr. Slim, Mitsubishi’s Mini Split Heat Pump Line
Mitsubishi has long been a leader in the heat pump field. The latest line of Mitsubishi heat pumps is called Mr. Slim for the pumps’ slender, install-anywhere designs. Mr. Slim ductless heating systems are quiet, efficient, and built to last. Mitsubishi advertises these heat pumps as perfect for rooms that never seem to be the right temperature. Rather than redoing your whole heating system, you can simply install a Mr. Slim unit for that room. These are great units for attics and garages. The 3-inch hole needed for installation allows for flexible unit placement. And Mitsubishi includes a wireless remote control to make it easy to adjust Mr. Slim units that are installed on ceilings, or high on walls.